The PTA Committee is elected annually at our AGM. The current committee members are:

Photo of Isobel
Isobel Clift – Chair

Hi, my name is Isobel and I joined the PTA as Chair in May 2021. I’ve only just started in my role and am really looking forward to getting stuck in over the course of the next academic year! I wanted to do something meaningful to help the school and must admit, I was previously unaware as to just how much the PTA does.

By day, I work in the ever-glamorous world of tax… and that’s enough about that! Outside of work, I am desperate to return to my choir, the Blackheath Centre for Singing, which I’ve missed enormously over the last year and a bit. The online singing just doesn’t work when there’s two boys in the house trying to sleep so I can’t wait to be back face to face with my fellow singers. I’m also trying to re-learn the piano after not playing for years.

I try to stay fit and have run the London marathon and completed a couple of triathlons in my time. I’m more of a 10k max girl these days… or rather, standing by the side-lines watching my boys play football and still not really understanding the rules!

Fun fact! I once recorded a Christmas jingle for Capital Radio! All those years at music college clearly paid off!

I believe that we’re exceptionally lucky to have such a great school on our doorstep and want to do what I can to make it even better.

Sharon Ibbotson – Secretary

Hi, I’m Sharon! I joined the PTA in September of 2016. You might have seen me over the last five years, either selling raffle tickets dressed as a Christmas elf, or in the playground selling uniform, or at our summer fair in my ‘Coopers Lane PTA does it term time only’ t-shirt. You may also have seen me at one of our events, either leading the PTA quiz night, dispensing whisky at our ceilidh, or checking numbers at our bingo evening. 

I love to help out, and have been volunteering since high school. I was a volunteer children’s teacher at the Museum of Archaeology in Durham and worked as a volunteer teacher for a year in the People’s Republic of China. I have also volunteered for a homeless shelter in Edinburgh and now I’m on the PTA ! And although sometimes the work is a little thankless and can be time consuming, I really do love it and the knowledge that I’m making a difference is a good feeling.

By day, I’m a writer and have written for magazines, anthologies and blogs. I have also had three novels published (with books 4, 5, and 6 due out over the next two years). I love to travel (bucket list country is Argentina… thanks to too many repeat viewings of ‘Evita’). 

I’m very quiet and softly spoken, and it takes a long time for me to trust people and for them to know me. But once I’m friends with someone, I’m incredibly loyal and will spoil them afterwards for life. I’ve had the same best friend since Kindergarten and she moved from Australia to New Cross so we see each other more often. 

My family love to ski (not this year, sadly) and I’m an utter Francophile so my happy place is the French Alps.

Fun facts? I was a high school cheerleader (bottom of the pyramid; always reliable), was once arrested in Asia for staying at the wrong kind of hotel and always dance to cheesy pop music while cooking. I also prefer Dannii to Kylie but we all choose our own poison, don’t we?’

Photo of Sharon
Photo of Amanda
Amanda Woodburn – Co-Treasurer

Hi! I’m Amanda, and I joined the PTA for the occasional meeting in 2016 and have since increased my involvement gradually. My current role is co-treasurer, but I help out with all aspects of supporting the PTA.

By day, I’m a radiographer, working in a London teaching hospital. It’s an incredibly rewarding job but one many don’t know about. I’m originally from the North East and really miss the sea, especially as we have been so restricted over the past year. I can’t wait to jump back in !

Outside of work, I enjoy bike riding with my family, cooking and baking and spending time with friends. I have recently taken up macramé, so keep your eyes peeled for some Coopers Lane coloured crafts at future events! In the past, I’ve also run two half marathons, so may throw in an adult’s running challenge to raise some funds at some point.

People say I’m chatty, open, loyal and friendly but I am also shy and modest around new people. This shows in the fact that I often ‘forget’ that I wrote a children’s book!

A fun fact about me? I can belly dance! After having my boys and losing body confidence, I took up belly dancing. It was so much fun, and you may have seen me performing in one of Manor House Garden’s summer festivals over the years.

Jacks Lampon – Sports Coordinator

My name is Jacks and I have two children at Coopers Lane. Fun fact – I went to Coopers Lane! I have been the PTA’s Sports Co-ordinator since September 2019, although I had been volunteering for the last 2 years. The events we had put together were so much fun, that I eventually took on a committee role. 

Extreme sports are my passion and I love trying something new. There is nothing like the buzz you get being a beginner in sport. Having said that though, I’m a fairly decent snowboarder and used to compete. Post children, and now thousands of miles from the mountain, I took up BMX and eventually became a British Cycling qualified coach with a specialism in BMX. 

Why do I love sport? Aside from the adrenaline rush, sport allows you to make connections with complete strangers from opposite backgrounds, and that to me is just so special and good for the soul! However, my main trade is actually in finance and statistics, which is why I absolutely loved running the North Pole competition. 

My favourite day out is something like taking the family to a BMX track, oh and food, boy do I love food! It’s probably fair to say 50% of my motivation for sport is to cope with my food intake. I also love music. I probably know the words to all of your favourite songs, but don’t ever let me sing after a gin as I’m truly terrible! 

I’m not shy and will talk to absolutely anyone, so say hi!

Photo of Jacks
Photo of Claire
Claire Carter – Events & Communications Officer

Hi, my name is Claire and I am the Events & Communications Officer for Coopers Lane PTA. I joined the committee in March 2020 and my role is to help run, develop and coordinate events as well as promote and raise the profile of the PTA and our fundraising through our social media channels. 

I volunteered for the PTA because I am very passionate about our school and I wanted to put my journalistic and organisational talents to good use. I love organising events and fun activities. I cannot wait to get back to running fun events for the kids & parents once we are able to. I also love our school and its amazing staff – my daughter is in Reception & my son has just left. And they both love Coopers Lane!

By day, I work for Trinity Laban (as the Principal’s Exec PA), who are based in Greenwich & Lewisham. I am very lucky that I get to work in the iconic Old Royal Naval College as well as a RIBA Stirling Prize award winning building. My work place is never quiet as it’s filled with students making music or creating dance. You can often hear the Star Wars theme as you wander through the courtyard.

Singing is my one true love and passion, and I have been a member of Popchoir based in Dulwich, for over 8 years. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to sing on the 02 stage with Barry Manilow in June 2016 and have taken part in numerous concerts and festivals all over London. I have also recorded tracks in a n amazing recording studio in London, so my vocals are available for all to hear ! I have really missed singing during lockdown and can’t wait to get back to it. Being part of an online choir really doesn’t do it for me!

I love Thai food and my favourite dish to cook is chicken green curry. Accompanied by a nice glass of something sparkling! I also love handbags – especially Orla Kiely ones – and have over 30 different bags stashed away in the cupboards!